Our story

We are Evale Ware, a fresh  clothing brand created in the Netherlands by two ambitious and clothes-driven boys. We are aiming for the top and we believe, with our passion in mind, that that is possible. The name Evale Ware comes from the word ‘Elevator’ which we associate with making progress, improving yourself and always aiming for the next level. We believe that motivation is an unlimited source of energy, which we use to improve our products and our self.

We believe in high quality clothing for a fair price. Our factory designers produce non-contemporary clothing, easily suitable for every style and occasion. We believe that clothing is not only esthetical; people must feel comfortable wearing it. Our vision is very wide. We believe that the combination of simple and elegant is genius. So therefore we decided to create this brand, which allows you to combine simplicity and elegance together with high quality clothes.

But our brand is not only about delivering fair priced hiqh quality clothing to our customers, we also want to contribute to society. Therefore we will donate 10% of our profit per item we sell. We will select a different charity to support each collection. 


We started this brand the first of October 2017 and we are continuously improving. Our aim is to release our second collection by the beginning of June. Please follow us on Instragram (Evaleware), Facebook (Evaleware) and Snapchat (Evaleware) to stay up to date and to be the first wearing our Evale Ware designs.